Natural Looking Lip Filler in Tysons Corner

Are you in the market for lip fillers but nervous about duck lips or other not-so-natural results?

Do you want subtle beauty, and not to be the talk of the town? Then here’s what experts recommend for natural looking lip filler in Tysons Corner!

What Causes Unnatural Lip Filler Results?

There’s more than one contributing factor to dramatic, unnatural looking lip filler. It’s often a result of unskilled hands administering too much (or even too little) filler, and / or in the wrong places.

Dermal fillers should be tailored to flatter your features, not distract from them. A good injector takes your features and your goals in mind to craft the perfect treatment plan using the best technique for you, which looks different for literally everyone.

So, take the time to find an aesthetic injector that is equipped with the right techniques and really understands and appreciates not only anatomy but the tools they use to alter and enhance that anatomy.

What Is the Best Dermal Filler for Results That Appear Au Naturel?

Technically, all of the dermal fillers approved for use on the lips is a good choice for crafting natural looking lip filler in Tysons Corner, since it ultimately depends on the skills of your injector and the techniques they use. That being said, many patients opt for Restylane Kysse for that “your lips, but better” look.

Restylane Kysse uses their patented XpresHAn technology for flexible, natural movement, alongside improving the texture, color, size, and shape of your lips. Basically, it’s your all-in-one lip filler, enhancing your pucker in all the right ways.

Milani MedSpa Is Here to Help You Achieve Natural Looking Lip Filler in Tysons Corner!

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