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Chemical Peel

Chemical peels are used to improve skin appearance. They can reduce acne, scarring, sun damage, and wrinkles. These peels can be combined with other treatments such as Microdermabrasion and facials. There are three types of chemical peels: light, medium, and deep.

Light peels: They are a superficial type of peels, which can exfoliate the skin and gently remove a thin layer of it. There is no downtime for light peel and clients see the result within a few days. The process can be repeated every two to five weeks.

Medium peels: This type of peels go to the epidermis of the skin and require a longer healing process. They are typically glycolic or trichloroacetic acid, which can be used to treat acne scars, uneven skin tone, and mild wrinkles. You might need to repeat the procedure to achieve or maintain the best results.

Deep peels: Deep peels are the most intense chemical peels like VI PEEL. They remove skin cells down to the lower dermal layer. They can take up to 21 days to recover. The new skin will be super sensitive and needs special care for the first two weeks.

At Milani MedSpa we offer a variety of chemical peels depending on individual needs. We recommend scheduling a free consultation with our team prior to the treatment.

Chemical peels:

  • Signature facelift
  • Ormedic peel
  • Perfection lift forte
  • Wrinkle lift forte
  • Acne lift
  • Lightening lift