What Are Same-Day Botox Touch Ups in Vienna?

Even the most meticulously laid plans can go slightly astray. It’s true of life, and it is also true when it comes to the most popular cosmetic injectable. This is where same-day Botox touch ups in Vienna come into play.

For decades, Botox has proven to be one of the most reliable rejuvenation procedures available. But, if your results are not exactly what you expected or you need a refresh, there is certainly no reason to panic.

There is an easy fix, and this is what you need to know!

What Does Same-Day Botox Touch Ups in Vienna Even Mean?

When you went in for your initial appointment, you sat with your injector and discussed a treatment plan based on your aesthetic goals. That plan was carried out with skill and precision. 

You waited three to four days to see improvement in your appearance, and then patiently waited 10 to 14 days for the final outcome. Unfortunately, it was not exactly what you had hoped it would be.

Another possible scenario – Botox results typically last between three to four months. Yours have started to fade a bit sooner. 

What do you do?

The solution to both situations is scheduling an appointment for touch ups! This is when only a few units are needed to boost your results instead of a full dose. It’s quick and easy!

I’m Embarrassed to Ask My Injector for a Fix!

Don’t be. Any reputable injector should encourage you to speak up, so be honest, but also be kind. Avoid blaming the injector, since there are actually other valid reasons why you may need a refresh.

If this is your first time with cosmetic injectables, it is better to underestimate than overestimate how many units of Botox you need. This allows time to see how your body responds to treatment. 

If you are a new patient, the injector may prefer to exercise some caution to be sure you are safe and comfortable. 

Was your original goal natural-looking results but not necessarily flawless skin? If so, it’s always better to start off slowly and progress as needed. 

Some people start with baby Botox, in which smaller doses are used to create a subtle outcome. It does not last quite as long as a full treatment, which can lead to same-day Botox touch ups in Vienna.

What Advice Can You Offer for the Appointment?

Walk in with a smile and a little patience.

You know the procedure is quick, but allow a little extra time during your touch up so you can discuss concerns with your injector. Now is a great time to ask questions too.

Go to your follow up with an open-mind. Botox is only effective for treating dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movements. It may be that you need to explore the possibility of dermal fillers to combat static wrinkles which are due to aging and sun damage. 

How Much Does It Cost to Refine My Results?

Here is more great news!

Unlike dermal filler which is sold by the syringe, Botox is priced per unit. This means you only pay for what you need! The price range for Botox varies. It can cost $15 to $30 per unit in large cities, and $10 to $15 in other areas.

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