TempSure Skin Tightening

Have you noticed your skin is beginning to sag? This, unfortunately, is a sign of aging. With all the options available to tighten skin, how can you know which one to choose?

The key is to pick one that will give you the best skin tightening results in Tysons Corner.

Here are the most popular treatments available. 

  1. TempSure Skin Tightening Treatment

If non-surgical laser treatments are of interest to you, you won’t find better than TempSure Envi. The device uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to help you tighten saggy skin not only on your face but works on other areas of your body too. 

The length of your treatment depends on the areas you wish to treat, but no matter how long it takes you don’t need downtime for recovery. 

Because of the effect RF energy has on the cells under your skin, you may notice almost immediate improvement. It takes time for your body to produce collagen and elastin, so you can expect to see the most dramatic results after a few weeks. 

  1. RF Combined With Microneedling Anti-Aging Treatment

It’s not uncommon to combine treatments to get the most amazing results. This is the case with RF combined with microneedling. This combination treatment can be beneficial for darker skin, as there is less risk of hyperpigmentation. 

Microneedling uses very tiny needles to cause controlled damage to your skin. This not only jump starts your body’s natural healing process, but it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. Again, patience is needed to see the final outcome. However, the results are definitely worth waiting for! 

For the Best Skin Tightening Results in Tysons Corner, Choose Milani MedSpa!

Our experts at Milani specialize in safe, non-invasive techniques to rejuvenate your skin. Whether you’re concerned with sagging skin,  fine lines and wrinkles or other skin issues like acne and enlarged pores, we’ve got exactly the treatment you need.

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