SculpSure Warm Sculpting

When it comes to getting rid of small, unwanted pockets of fat, non-surgical body contouring is all the rage.

These non-invasive options eliminate the risks associated with surgery like liposuction yet still leave you with amazing results.

Two of the top options are CoolSculpting, which uses cold temps to freeze fat, and warm sculpting techniques like SculpSure that use hyperthermic lasers. So, CoolSculpting vs. warm sculpting: how to choose?

While it’s easy to make the decision to have non-surgical body contouring, it might be difficult to determine which method is best. This easy guide can help you choose!

What Is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting reduces fat deposits in targeted areas of your body. After treatment, your body naturally eliminates destroyed fat cells.

During 30 to 60-minute sessions, only fat cells are destroyed. Skin and surrounding tissues remain safe and intact. No downtime is needed for recovery.

What Is Warm Sculpting?

Warm sculpting like SculpSure eliminates stubborn fat too, but it also helps tighten skin. You can target up to four areas of your body during one 30-minute session.

It also needs no recovery period and keeps surrounding tissue safe in the treated area(s).

So, Which One Is the Top Body Sculpting Method That Doesn’t Require Surgery?

When wondering, “CoolSculpting vs. warm sculpting: how to choose,” you should know that the truth is there is no easy answer.

This is a personal decision that should be made with a reputable non-invasive body contouring expert after they review your body sculpting goals with you.

Each of these two and other body sculpting methods has their own unique advantages. The “best” one on someone’s list doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best one for you.

Take into account where you desire treatment, how much time you have to dedicate to sessions, the “extras” like skin tightening that SculpSure offers, and other factors before choosing.

Where Should I Go for Help in Answering, “CoolSculpting vs. Warm Sculpting: How to Choose?”

Choose the experts at Milani MedSpa! At Milani! We’ll take the time to listen to your body goals and then work with you to create a personalized treatment plan designed to provide you with results you’ll love.

While we recommend and offer SculpSure, we always recommend the best option for you personally to achieve your ideal body aesthetic.

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