Can I Drink Wine After Lip Filler?

Lip filler is one of the most popular cosmetic injectables. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to augment their lips safely and without the hassle and risks of complicated surgery.

If you plan to celebrate your new look, you might wonder, “Can I drink wine after lip filler?” Here’s what you need to know!

Preparing for Lip Filler: Why Do I Need to Avoid Alcohol?

Alcohol dehydrates your body and dries out your skin. This can happen after only one glass of wine. In addition, it also causes your blood vessels to widen and the small needles can damage wider blood vessels.

For this reason, it is recommended you not consume alcohol at least 24 to 48 hours before your lip filler injections as part of your preparation. 

Lip Filler Recovery: Can I Drink Wine After Lip Filler?

Sorry, but not right away. While there is no set time to avoid alcohol after lip filler, it is suggested you wait at least two days for your post-celebratory festivities for the same reasons you shouldn’t have any beforehand. Alcohol also increases your risk of bruising and can delay your recovery. 

What Else Do I Need to Know About Filler Aftercare?

Lip fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane are safe hyaluronic acid-based fillers that plump your lips while at the same time resizing or reshaping them. While downtime for recovery isn’t necessary, you do need to be careful a day or two after getting your injections. 

Be mindful of what you eat and drink. Your lips will be sensitive after treatment, and sensation might change. Foods that are too hot or too cold can actually cause burns or frostbite to your lips. Using a straw can distort your lip filler, so avoid them for 24 to 48 hours. 

Strenuous exercise increases blood flow to all areas of your body, including your face. Increased blood flow can aggravate bruising and swelling after lip filler injections. Take it easy for a couple of days. 

Wait a day or so to apply lipstick or lip balm. These products can increase your chance of introducing bacteria into the injection sites and causing infection. When you apply lip products, be gentle. 

Too much pressure on your lips is not good after filler injections. Sleep on your back or side for at least a week, and be careful when kissing or any other movement of the mouth such as smoking. Not only does smoking interfere with your body’s natural healing process, but the movement your lips make when inhaling can displace or distort your filler.

Follow your injector’s advice about travel and visits to the dentist. Both can pose problems. Flying can expose you to pressure changes, while dental work has the potential to cause trauma and infection to your lips. 

A Final Word of Advice…

Don’t immediately try to gauge your lip filler results. All aesthetic procedures can cause minor side effects like bruising and / or swelling, and this may affect how you perceive your new look. while you’re healing is not a good time to judge if your treatment was a success or not. Lip filler can take up a couple of weeks to settle before the results are evident.

Speaking of results, they are long lasting, usually around 9 to 12 months (depending on the brand). Go ahead and give it about a month before you decide if you love your results or not. If not, speak to your injector about your options. 

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