3 Things the Best Mounjaro Doctor in Tysons Corner Wants You to Know

Tirzepatide, sold under brand names like Mounjaro, is still trending and this weight loss injection isn’t showing any signs of stopping.

If you’re ready to give it a try, there are some things the best Mounjaro doctor in Tysons Corner wants you to know.

The Best Mounjaro Doctor in Tysons Corner Wants You to Know These Three Things Before Your Consultation

While they will review everything with you during your consultation, your Mounjaro specialist thinks you should know a few things first.

  1. Not everyone qualifies. Don’t be disappointed if you’re not eligible for tirzepatide injections because you’re too close to your goal weight. There are other options for you to help you get to your targeted number on the scale.

To be considered a good candidate for Mounjaro, you should have a body mass index (BMI) of 30, which is obese, or have a BMI of 27 with a health issue related to your weight, such as high blood pressure.

  1. You should be committed to living a healthy lifestyle. Mounjaro doesn’t work if you don’t have a healthy diet and get regular exercise. Be ready to make lifestyle changes if necessary, which you should follow even after you stop taking Mounjaro.
  1. It might be more affordable than you think. While insurance isn’t likely to cover weight loss medications like Mounjaro, you may be able to find a compounded tirzepatide version that can still help you reach your goals at a fraction of the cost.

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