Laser Fungus Treatment


The Candela Gentlemax Pro is an FDA approved laser technology that can be used to help clear toenail fungus without the need of potentially toxic, long-term oral medications.

Ridding your nails of fungus can be a long and arduous process. In certain cases, surgeries don’t always work and topical medications are often ineffective. The Candela YAG Nail Fungus Removal treatment option completely erase toenail fungus usually eliminating the chance of a regrowth.

Many fungus suffers don’t understand that fungus can be contagious, and can spread to other toes. This is why it is important to stop the fungus in its tracks, through a targeted laser treatment option that is excellent at killing the pathogens causing the fungus. It is the safest, quickest and most effective treatment option available on the market today. Heat from the laser is used to debilitate and destroy toenail fungus. This laser treatment is a non-surgical procedure and involves minimal discomfort. While heat from the laser works to weaken and kill toenail fungus, it does not injure any of the surrounding tissues. No downtime is required following the procedure and the nail should return to its overall health.

Our nail fungus removal treatment offers the following benefits:

  • No recovery time needed afterward
  • Minimal discomfort during the procedure
  • No surgery
  • No topical, potentially harmful medications
  • Reduction and eventual elimination of nail discoloration
  • Improvement in overall nail health

Kill the fungus before it spreads to other toes, or to the toes of your loved ones!

Nail fungus removal by gentle max:

The GentleMax Pro is an FDA approved device for the treatment of nail fungus.  

The laser will be maneuvered over any affected nails, and may even be used over non-affected nails. One session typically lasts 20 minutes or less. While some patients have success with a single treatment, additional treatments may be prescribed depending on the results. 

How to prepare for nail fungus removal treatment:

  • Clip your toenails as short as is comfortable. 
  • Clean and exfoliate your feet and toes.
  • Remove all traces of nail polish from your toenails including clear polish. 
  • Bring a pair of new socks with you to the appointment. After your foot has been treated, it is best to put on a new socks  
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