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When it comes to diminishing the signs of aging, Kavian Milani, MD, and the team at Milani MedSpa offer many cosmetic injectables to erase wrinkles, add volume, and improve your profile. To schedule a consultation with the aesthetic experts at this Vienna, Virginia, med spa to learn more about injectables, call the office or request an appointment online today.

Injectables Q & A

What are injectables?

At Milani MedSpa, injectables refer to the cosmetic injections the team offers to enhance your natural beauty. The team wants nothing more than for you to feel good on the inside and out and offers many types of injectables, including:

  • Botox® to diminish lines and wrinkles
  • Dermal fillers to restore facial contours
  • Kybella® to improve your profile

The type of cosmetic injectable best suited for you depends on your ultimate beauty goals. The team works one-on-one with you to design a tailored treatment plan that helps you achieve your desired look and may recommend more than one injectable depending on your beauty needs. 

What are Botox injections?

Botox, a neurotoxin, is a popular cosmetic injection that temporarily reduces the appearance of forehead lines, crow’s feet, and frown lines. Milani MedSpa offers Botox, Jeuveau™, Xeomin®, and Dysport® neurotoxin injections.

In addition to facial lines and wrinkles, the aesthetic team offers Botox injections to:

  • Diminish neck bands
  • Improve the appearance of skin dimpling
  • Lift the corners of the mouth
  • Soften a square jawline
  • Correct a gummy smile

Botox works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to the muscle that receives the injection, which prevents movement of the muscle and the formation of the lines. Botox injections are popular because the injections themselves only take a few minutes, and the results last as long as four months.

What beauty concerns can dermal fillers fix?

Dermal fillers add volume under your skin to improve facial contours, restore lost volume, and smooth out lines and wrinkles. The team at Milani MedSpa offer dermal fillers to:

  • Plump thin lips
  • Enhance shallow contours
  • Soften wrinkles and creases
  • Minimize the appearance of lower lid shadows

The team can also use dermal fillers to improve the appearance of recessed acne scars. 

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a cosmetic injectable that contains deoxycholic acid, which is a substance naturally found in your body that helps breakdown fat. Kybella is specifically used to get rid of the submental fat under the chin to improve your profile. 

To get the best results with Kybella, you may need a series of injections set at monthly intervals. The aesthetic experts at Milani MedSpa determine the number of treatments you need in order to get your desired look. Once achieved, the results are permanent.

Injectables are a simple, minimally invasive cosmetic tool that can enhance your natural features. To schedule a consultation to learn more about the injectables at Milani MedSpa, call the office or request an appointment online today.